Is the “power of art” a subjective or objective statement?

Vienna, November 28th, 2007

When we look at a work of art we often do not know exactly what it is we like about it and why. Is it the motive, the colors, maybe the shapes or the harmony between the colors and shapes, are there meaningful stories or encrypted abstractions?
In form and content, the Santaklaus book/picture contains symbols that suggest a great deal of energy:
The fish and the cross (from a Christian point of view closely associated with the Creator), as well as the colors yellow (healing) and orange (protection), black and white (quest for harmony and balance).
The LOVE doesn’t seem to fit into the overall concept at first, but this contradiction is intentional and was purposefully set into these encrypted messages.
The overall picture lies somewhere between POPART and mandalas.
An unconventional and worthy framework for Klaus Peter Wagner’s texts.

Ana Maria Altmann, art historian

Mag. Ana Maria Altmann, Klaus Peter Wagner
Mag. Ana Maria Altmann, Klaus Peter Wagner

Ana Maria Altmann, art historian, Vienna, art historian at the Austrian Belvedere Gallery in Vienna.